Do you have a showroom?   You Bet!  We've got over 3,000 sq feet of ideas.
Can we see actual samples of products!  You bet, though most everything we do is custom, you may touch and feel 1000's of samples.


How can I get a quote?   Just give us a call 800.652.6051 (or send us an email info@hicorpinc.com) at your convenience!


Do you have a graphic designer on staff?   Absolutely!  We have a full service design team (HiCORP design house).  
Creating ideas, mock ups, sketches as well as converting art to print formats.


What is your minimum order quantity? That's a tough question.  The quantity greatly effects the price usually.   Ultimately we have no minimums -- BUT printing one or even a dozen T-shirts might cost $250??  One wire display might cost you thousands... In generally we are set up for quantity runs, business to business, our target market is not retail-- selling one item at a time*.  
*However, we love to  provide our customers with online retail stores where they can sell one item at time.


How long does it take for me to have my order in hand?
1. Prep... Let's start with production ready art (if you don't have it, give us 2-3 days [and add an art fee])
2. Production... Then your product will be scheduled for production...   
     a. Existing ad specialty item to be logo'd 1 - 2 weeks
     b. Wearable to be embroidered/screened 2 - 4 weeks  
     c. Manufactured item (wire, plastic, acrylic, etc)  4 - 6 weeks
     d. Overseas production 4 - 8 weeks

3. Shipping... Then shipped to your destination(s)
     a. Parcels (boxes) 1 - 4 days  
     b. Freight (pallets) 3 - 8 days   
     c. From Overseas  2 - 4 week
4. TOTAL (prep, production, shipping)
     a. Stock item  2 - 3 weeks    
     b. Wearable to be embroidered/screened 3 - 4 weeks  
     c. Item (wire, plastic, acrylic, etc ) 6 - 8 weeks  
     d. Overseas production 8 - 12 weeks


Are there additional charges?
SET UP CHARGES: Creating the screens, die, etc... usually just a one time (first time) fee. 
SHIPPING COST:  Usually FOB, generally customer is responsible for all shipping expenses.
SALES TAX:These generally apply for in-state purchases.


What types of payments do you accept?  We accept check, EFT, and credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).  
How or who do I contact to make a payment?  You can call our main number 800.652.6051 and ask for receivable or mail your payment to our address, 4383 S. 91st East Ave. Tulsa OK  74145.


Why is the amount I received not exactly the same as what I ordered?  In the printing, screen printing industry it is standard that an order is deemed "complete" if the manufacturer produces the quantity ordered give or take 10%.  Because it is often difficult to stop the press at an exact number... and even if they did they may end up short when the product goes through quality control.
The manufacturer should (are allowed to) bill for the amount actually shipped.  

i.e.  a. You ordered 500 shirts. You actually receive 520... and are billed for 520 shirts (not just 500)
      b. You actually receive 460... and are billed for only 460 (not 500)
**You may request to receive exactly the amount you have ordered, however many manufacturers will increase the price a bit to deal with their over/under challenge.


Can you give us reports on our inventories and fulfillment orders?   Absolutely!  We have a real time inventory system which means you can get an up to the minute report any time.  We have a number of standard reports, but we are happy to create any report that would be helpful for you.


I don't see my question, but I have one!!  Give us a call 800.652.6051 or an email info@hicorpinc.com.